Whether you are interested in saving for retirement, saving for college, or just making sure you don’t run out of money, we are dedicated to helping you meet your financial needs. 

We build and manage diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds, ETFs, and no-load mutual funds for individuals and organizations. We currently manage approximately $150 million in client monies.

The majority of our portfolios are custom-designed for the unique needs, circumstances, and objectives of each client. Every client receives personalized attention when it comes to the important tasks of defining goals, understanding the workings of investments, and determining an appropriate amount of risk to assume.

Our standard annualized management fee is 1% of the value of an account, which can be discounted for larger accounts. We also have lower cost model portfolio programs. Clients are not locked into any contract period, and there is no upfront or back-end fee for our program. We are a pay-as-you go service.

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